My freelance life is bursting with exciting people and their stories. I’m always up for more. In my latest adventure, I’ve been expanding on my copywriting skills with the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. I look forward to diversifying my portfolio.

Here are a few highlights from my writing resume.


Print Ads

In the world of luxury fashion, consignment can be a tricky concept. While it’s the more sustainable and budget-friendly choice, fashionistas don’t like to think of their precious fashions as “used.”

Working closely with Bag Religion, we put a positive spin on shopping luxury consignment with this postcard campaign.

Parkdale people represent their corner of Toronto with pride. My goal with this flyer was to draw attention to this comedy night and the Escape Goat bar, making it a popular meet-up for Parkdalians.



Band Ladies, Highball.TV

Nick Nemeroff, The Pursuit of Comedy Has Ruined My Life

Adrienne Fish, Adrienne For Mayor

Interview Pieces

Gritty, Not Glossy. Katie Burrell on new film Coach

Sarah Graham Makes Contact. A piece about a visual artist with a fascination for fungi.

A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Ground. The process behind a film that deals with grief in adventure sports.

Award Winners from Mouseland Press:

There’s No One New Around You. Exploring Winnipeg’s Queer Culture.

A Haven for Sex Nerds. Winnipeg’s Smut Slam.


What are pores, and how do I make mine less visible?

How to avoid/reduce dark circles under your eyes.

The Occult

8 Magickal Ingredients You Already Own.

Humour/Sexual Health

(under pseudonym Bunny Ben Wa):

Keeping your kink safe- a beginner’s guide to BDSM

Your vibrator, your budget, and you. How much is too much?

Masturbatory Sleeves for happy penises.

Favourites From The Archives

Andrew “Glamdrew” Henderson, a man who hosted a “living funeral” after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Manitoba Wedding Socials, a strange and uniquely Manitoban experience.

The Village Idiots, Rocking and/or Rolling via Facebook live.

Winnipeg Murals, how artists are pushing it to the next level.

An exploration of the selfie, empowering, indulgent, or both?