I work as a reviewer, reporter and ghost blogger for several websites. My subjects range from tattoos and skincare to crafting, comedy, and crochet.


My most recent gig is writing reviews for Canadian comedy albums and television. Here are a couple of favourites:

Band Ladies, Highball.TV

Nick Nemeroff, The Pursuit of Comedy Has Ruined My Life.

Bonnie McFarlane, Bird Calls


I work for Cherie beauty both as a ghostwriter and under the name “Melanie d.” I write anything from research articles to an Instagram round-up of the latest trends.

What are pores and how do I make mine less visible?

How to avoid/reduce dark circles under your eyes.

Witchy Woman

Thanks to my interest in the occult, I’ve landed a gig writing for a real-life witch school! Similar to my work at Cherie, I write both as myself and a ghostwriter for the Occultish Emporium.

8 Magickal Ingredients You Already Own.

(Exciting, n’est pas? Ooh she also speaks french.)

Interview Pieces

Some of my work with Five2Nine and The Ottawa Adventure Film Festival:

Andrew Szeto, an innovative woodworker and skateboarder.

The Colour of Mourning, a short film by Henna Taylor.

Mushroom enthusiast and artist Sarah Graham.

Alex Guimont’s canoe trip through the Grand Canyon

Award Winners from Mouseland Press:

Best Interview

Winnipeg’s Queer Culture.

Best Culture Piece

Winnipeg’s Smut Slam.

Some of my Personal Favourites from The Uniter:

Andrew “Glamdrew” Henderson, a man who hosted a “living funeral” after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Manitoba Wedding Socials, a strange and uniquely Manitoban experience.

The Village Idiots, Rocking and/or Rolling via Facebook live.

Winnipeg Murals, how artists are pushing it to the next level.

An exploration of the selfie, empowering, indulgent, or both?

Humour/Sexual Health

Some of my Work for The Uniter (under pseudonym Bunny Ben Wa):

Keeping your kink safe- a beginner’s guide to BDSM

Your vibrator, your budget, and you. How much is too much?

Masturbatory Sleeves for happy penises.

Personal Projects

My Tarot Blog, Croissant Moon Tarot