Melanie Dahling is a comedian, actor, writer, filmmaker, and voice-over artist.

Melanie Dahling is a bright light on Winnipeg’s comedy scene, a strong female presence in a scene dominated by male comics.

Melanie’s carefree fun style draws the audience in with her quirky high energy delivery and timing and keeps the crowd on her side when addressing more serious topics.

Her obvious background in theatre, film, and writing make her act outs and impersonations come to life in and around her observational jokes; Which are written with a hand that only a seasoned writer could.

– Chantel Marostica

Dahling grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and took an interest in the performing arts at a young age. After studying theatre at the University of Winnipeg, she went on to perform in many fringe plays including Fat Tuesday (2005) Rogue Cop (2011) and Surf Chimps (2012). In 2015 she wrote and starred in Biggest Little Child Star alongside Jessina Cheffins and Sarah Jane Martin, which earned them and their director Angie St. Mars a 4 star review in the Winnipeg Free Press. You may also recognize her from television appearances on Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, Planet Echo, and promotions for 92citifm.

In the summer of 2010, she became interested in stand up comedy and quickly began to be booked for shows. She has performed in Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Winnipeg Comedy ShowcaseThe Femfest Cabaret, The Girls Girls Girls Gala, and travelled to Toronto in 2015 to perform at the SheDot festival. The highlight of her stand up career may have been opening for Thunder from Down Under, mainly because there was more glitter and baby oil than usual.

Melanie is proud of her work as an Arts and Culture reporter for The Uniter and won awards for Best Interview and Best Culture Piece.

After telling so many Winnipeg stories, it was time to get to know a new city. Melanie now lives in Toronto Ontario where she’s been tearing it up on stage with her fabulously unfabulous stage persona, and working freelance as a writer and voice-over artist.